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Push Pier Slab Repair

Until now, when it came to leveling concrete slabs the only options were mudjacking or helical piles. Earth Contact Product’s solved this designing a slab pier system that provides foundation repair contractors an engineered solution to this problem. Earth Contact Product’s PPB-166 is the “Very Best” slab resistance pier in the industry.

• Capacity: 28,000 lb Max.
• Standard Lift: 4” Fully Adjustable
• Greater Lift: Use Optional Long Bracket Rods
• Install Location: Inside Structure
• Equipment: Portable Hydraulic Equipment
• Access: Core Drilled, 7” to 8” Hole In Slab
• Vibration: Little or No Vibration
• Friction: Reduction Collar on Lead Pier Section
• Stratum: Installs to Rock or Verified End Bearing Stratum
• Testing: 100% Field Tested to Verify Capacity
• Lift Type: Manifold Lift

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